Certificate IV in Audiometric Assessment

Provider: TAFE NSW - Open Training & Education Network

Course Details:

  • Course Name: Certificate IV in Audiometric Assessment
  • Course Type: Certificate IV
  • Delivery Method:Class
  • Duration: This qualification has a duration of 475 nominal hours.
  • Location: Strathfield, NSW 2135
  • Sub Category:Health Services Assistance

About this course:

General Description:

Certificate IV Courses are for people trying in order to get supervisory and management roles, it typically suits people trying to develop their jobs in the field they currently work in, or alternatively further enhance abilities acquired by means of prior study. Certificate IV courses provide a broad knowledge and skills foundation making use of a few theoretical concepts and develops the ability to put that know-how and competency to a wide array of contexts with depth in some areas. If you graduate from this level of study you will gain theoretical and practical knowledge as well as skill-sets regarding specialised skilled work and get even more choices for further study. For more specific knowledge about individual subjects within this course contact us using the ‘Free Info’ or ‘Price Enquiry’ buttons as above.

Course Duration:

Typically this study course will take between 0.5 - 2 years in order to complete, subject to your personal circumstances as well as the mode of study which you select. As an illustration, if you do this study course online and continually devote time to complete the homework and assignments every week you would possibly complete the course well before schedule.

Course Cost:

There are quite a few funding options available to you. OPTION 1. You may pay for the course upfront out of your own money. OPTION 2. You may be eligible for Govt Funding. Almost every Australian citizen is qualified to apply. If you are eligible the Aust Govt will pay a large portion of the study course fee on your behalf. OPTION 3. Another option available to you is FEE-HELP (or VET FEE-HELP) which are loans specifically offered to help pay for your education. With FEE-HELP you can start studying immediately - pay out absolutely nothing in advance and repay the loan only when your wages reaches a certain amount after you have completed the course. Contact us today to discuss your options further.

Course Category:

This course falls within the Community Services & Health group of courses. Community Services is the study of social assistance developed to benefit persons, individually and collectively, maximise their own social and fiscal well-being. The chief purpose of this particular field of training is to grow knowledge of the social, political and commercial climate through which social policy is actually developed, administered and executed, the social requirements of individuals, groups along with communities within contemporary society, the resources existing to fulfill these needs, and the social impacts that effect the conduct plus social functioning of people. Furthermore, it involves developing the capability to design and present welfare programmes, and organize resources to satisfy individual and community needs. This area includes courses like : Social Work, Children’s Services, Youth Work, Care for the Aged, Care for the Disabled, Residential Client Care, Counselling and Welfare Studies. Health is the study of maintaining and reestablishing physical and mental wellbeing. The principal goal of this area of education is to be able to build up a comprehension of the concepts plus methods of identifying, treating, controlling and also preventing injury and health problems. Furthermore, it involves acquiring an understanding of the principles and tactics of supplying preventative, curative, rehabilitative in addition to palliative treatment. This area includes courses like : Medical Studies, Nursing, Pharmacy, Dental Studies, Optical Science, Public Health, Radiography, Rehabilitation Therapies and Complimentary Therapies to name a few.

Method of Study:

In-class study will provide you with a structured education experience and routine face-to-face contact with your trainers, educators, lecturers and peers. On the other hand, online, correspondence and distance education training courses give you the ability to study from anywhere, whenever you want. Online, correspondence and distance education is great when you need flexibility and are unable to commit to taking part in traditional classroom sessions. You have the ability to study at your own individual pace and finish the course in line with your own timetable. Contact us to verify exactly which study method may suit you best.

Additional Resources:

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