Crowd Controller Revalidation course

Provider: Guardrite Security and Industry Training Pty Limited

Course Details:

  • Course Name: Crowd Controller Revalidation course
  • Course Type: Independent/Customized
  • Delivery Method:Class
  • Duration: contact provider
  • Location: Ashmore, QLD 4214
  • Sub Category:Security Training

About this course:

General Description:

Independent Customised Training usually apply to workplaces. The content of these types of courses can usually be personalized to suit the targeted needs of clients, workplaces and/or student groups. Independent Customised Training Programs can be an even more effective alternative to pre-designed structured training packages, and have the added advantage of addressing the specific needs of certain groups of students or individual Organisations. Businesses may benefit from one to two day courses in their own individual controlled surroundings and contact days can be negotiated in order to suit staff rosters, down-time and preplanned retreats. Most packages can be delivered at your site or maybe at our training facilities where we can supply full catering and audio/visual devices. For more information regarding our Customised Courses contact us using the ‘Free Info’ or ‘Price Enquiry’ buttons as above.

Course Cost:

Depending on your individual circumstances there may be various funding/payment options available. These options vary for each education provider and in some cases vary on a course by course basis. The Study Assist website is a useful resource that provides information for students about government assistance for financing tertiary study - for more information go to Or to talk through your options in more detail contact your course provider directly.

Course Category:

This particular course falls within the Government, Security, Law and Order type of courses. Law is the study connected with the principles and regulations that are recognised in the form of legislation or customs and policies accepted through judicial determination. The main purpose of this field of education and learning is to develop a comprehension of the principles and application of rules which govern nations, government authorities, businesses as well as people. This area contains courses including : Local Government, Govt Policy, Company and Business Law, Constitutional Law, Criminal Law, Family Law, International Law and Taxation Law for starters. Justice, Security and Law Enforcement is the study of the principles and procedures for formally maintaining social order. The key purpose of this field of education and learning is to cultivate an understanding of the historical progression of the legal system as well as its role as a framework for the enhancement and maintenance of social order, and the investigation and prosecution associated with criminal violations. In addition, it involves developing the skills to assess and evaluate the reliability of evidence, and review and interpret legal concerns. This area includes courses such as : Entrance Exam - Police Training, Investigative Services, Firearms Training and Security Operations to mention a few.

Method of Study:

In-class study will provide you with a structured training experience and conventional face-to-face contact with your trainers, educators, lecturers and classmates. On the other hand, online, correspondence and distance education training courses provide you with the opportunity to study from anywhere you want to, whenever you want. Online, correspondence and distance education is ideally suited if you would like flexibility and find it difficult to commit to enrolling in traditional classroom sessions. You can study at your own tempo and finish your study course primarily based on your individual lifestyle. Contact us to confirm exactly which study method may suit you best.

Additional Resources:

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